Motorola Talkabout T465 Specs & Features

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Motorola Talkabout T465 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio is an ideal tool that provides features and accessories designed specifically for hunters.

Motorola Talkabout T465 Specifications And Features

Motorola Two Way Radios
Motorola T465
ModelsMotorola T465
Motorola T465
View the model availability and current price from Amazon.comMotorola Talkabout T465 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio
Product Specifications And Features
ColorDark green
Frequency bandFRS/GMRS 462 - 467 MHz in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band
Channels22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes
RangeUp to 35 mile*
IP ratingIP54 Weatherproof
Radio dimensions (H X W X D)7.54 X 2.26 X 1.37 inches
Radio weight w/o batteries0.418 lbs
Radio weight with batteries0.43 lbs
CHARGING/BATTERY LIFEUp to 10 hours with NiMH battery included
Up to 26 hours with 3AA alkaline batteries
Micro USB charging

NOAA Weather Alerts
Emergency Alert Button
Low Battery Alert
20 Call Tones
Keypad Tone
Talk Confirmation Tone
VibraCall™ Alert
FEATURES11 Weather Channels (7 NOAA) with Alert Feature
Built-in Flashlight
Emergency Alert Button
PTT Power Boost
VibraCall™ Alert
iVOX/VOX Hands-free
20 Call Tones
Quiet Talk
Eco Smart
Talk Confirmation Tone
Low Battery Alert
Battery Meter
Battery Save
Keypad Lock
Auto Squelch
Time-out Timer
Channel Busy
Official Specs and Features
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Where To Buy
View the models availability and the current price from AmazonMotorola Talkabout T465 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio

Motorola’s Talkabout T465 package contains two units, two rechargeable batteries, two wall-charging accessories, two ear buds with microphones, and manuals; everything is contained inside a carry case. Each radio unit measures at 7.54-inch H x 2.26-inch W x 1.37-inch D, and it weighs 0.43 lbs with battery.

Talkabout T465 can reach a maximum transmission range of 35 miles in mountains or valleys, up to 6 miles in open water environment, or 2 miles in a neighborhood.

Obstructions like terrains, interferences, and weather should be put into account indeed, but the range will suffice in most situations while you are in the wild.

If necessary, you can turn on the PTT (Push-To-Talk) power boost function which will increase transmission power to extend range.

The units are IP54 rated, meaning it can stand against ingress of dust and splashes of water. Each also has built-in LED flashlight, emergency alert button, and keypad lock.

Another thing that makes it an ideal communication tool for hunter is battery life. The radio is powered by either rechargeable NiMH (included) or 3 AA batteries.

Battery life in expected to reach up to 10 hours when using the rechargeable one, but the non-rechargeable type can keep the radio running for up to 26 hours.

When in idle state, the radio only consumes half watt of power and it also preserves battery life when power boost is not required. The micro-USB charger can be plugged into an outlet, a USB port on a computer/laptop, or a vehicle adaptor.

It offers 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, allowing for a total combination of 2,662 channels. By using the scanning feature, the radio will find all channels that are currently in use.

In addition, Talkabout T465 also has weather channel provided by NOAA service to initiate weather alerts. On its left side, there in orange emergency button which when pressed will transmit a siren and incidental sounds that alert others.

It is an instant way to ask for help during emergency situation. It is possible to filter out transmission from non-Motorola radios, a feature that’s useful in a crowded area or busy radio traffic for examples in tourism resorts or parks.

However, Talkabout T465 maintains compatibility with any FRS/GMRS radio of any brand as long as the same channel and privacy codes are used on the connected devices.

For hunters, the VibraCall function helps to stay quiet while communicating in the wild. Instead of tunes, the feature switches to vibration so you still know when someone is trying to reach you without triggering intrusive sounds.

You can set an automatic unique tone anytime you finish talking so you don’t have to say “over” or “roger” repeatedly. The included ear buds also function as microphones, allowing you to have hands-free communication.

Even when you don’t use the ear bud, iVOX lets the radio transfer your voice as you speak without any prior activation. Other features include user-customizable call tones and low-battery alert.

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