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Parrot Flower Power Wireless Sensor For Plants

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Parrot Flower Power
Parrot Flower Power – Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor is available from

Parrot comes out bringing one of its inventions in the form of Flower Power Wireless Sensor designed to analyze and report the condition of your plants in smart ways.

It is a simple tool designed to look like a tree branch planted into the soil around your plant’s roots.

For those who love gardening and are getting a little carried away with the great prospect of smart home, Parrot Flower Plant Wireless Sensor can make excellent addition to your range of smart appliances in home.

What It Does

It is a result of collaboration between Parrot and a number of academic and agricultural institutions across the world including Washington University, Wageningen University in Netherland, Topager, and Agrocampus Ouest in France.

The project was finished at the AgroParisTech School. The main function of this sensor is to detect four important factors that determine good health and proper growth of a plant including temperature, soil moisture, fertilizer, and light.

The Parrot Flower Plant sends report to your iOS or Android devices by using Bluetooth Smart. Of course, your device has to be within range of the Bluetooth to be able to receive it (up to 25 meters).

The Sensors

Parrot Flower Power SensorThe sensor is equipped inside a small tool that weighs only about 170 grams. It is powered by 1 AAA battery that lasts for about 6 months.

The Y-shaped device should be planted into the soil within the pot where your plant grows to do its job well.

The lower part of the Flower Power is a metal fork which needs to be completely submerged in the soil to ensure accurate measurement.

Parrot Flower Power detects four variables required for plant’s healthy growth as briefly outlined below:

1. Air temperature: temperature cannot be too hot or too cold for a plant to grow healthily and properly. Parrot Flower Power uses its thermistor to detect air temperature of the environment where the plant grows.

2. Fertilizer: it detects how fertile the soil is by calculating the number of ions contained. Based on electrical conductivity, the sensor is able to determine whether or not the soil has enough fertilizer.

3. Moisture: to analyze soil moisture, Parrot Flower Power will measure dielectric permittivity. As a general rule, high permittivity indicates more moisture.

4. Light: the availability of light determines a plant’s ability to perform photosynthesis. The best wavelength of light for plants is at 510 nm, and that is exactly what the sensor is looking for.

Parrot Flower Power App

It comes with a free app with which you can create account, adjust settings, notification, etc. Of course, a different plat requires different environmental condition to grow healthily.

With Parrot Flower Power free app, you can access more than 7000 plants from around 2000 species, so you can give the best care and treatment for your plant.

The sensor does all the reading every 15 minutes and anytime it detects a condition which requires your attention, Parrot Flower Power will send notifications to your device using Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

It also has a motion sensor and asks questions to make sure you are monitoring a new plant or simply moving the pot. You can connect up to 256 Parrot Flower Plant with one account only.

Official Specifications and Features

Read all about this Parrot Flower Power officially from

Where To Buy

Parrot Flower Power Color OptionsParrot Flower Power – Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor with Free dedicated App is available from

Available in 3 color options – blue, green and brown


Disclaimer: This article is based solely on the information that available from the manufacturer website.  This article served as an product overview for wirelesspoi readers. This writer neither  own this product nor have the personal experience in handling it.

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