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Ooma Telo with Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter

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Introduction To Ooma Telo with Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter 

The main purpose of Ooma Telo is to help users save money by not paying regular phone service and use Internet-based voice call instead, but still use ordinary phone handset. The device can be considered a replacement for traditional landline, without ditching the use conventional phones.

It is an accessory to reduce phone bills, and now the device has been improved with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities too. After the original Telo, Ooma came up with a wireless adapter to let users place the main unit anywhere within the range of home network. And the built-in Bluetooth function, allowing users to connect or transfer mobile phone calls to home phone. Now all of those are available in a bundle for better convenience.

Ooma Telo with Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter  Specifications And Features

Ooma Telo
Ooma Telo
Modelsooma telo with wireless bluetooth adapter
Ooma Telo with Wireless and Bluetooth Adapter
Key Features
FeaturesAdvanced Voice Compression

Encrypted calls

HD Voice

Wire-speed QoS

Adaptive Redundancy
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Ooma actually offers a stand-alone Bluetooth adapter, a stand-alone wireless adapter, and a wireless adapter with built-in Bluetooth functionality. When the first two adapters are plugged into the main Telo unit by using a USB hub (because there is only one USB port on the back of the unit), the functionality is similar to that of the bundled one.

This is a good thing that owners of the previous Telo model do not have to buy completely new unit to get the same features from the new bundled variant. The ability to connect the Telo with your home network wirelessly was not possible with the older models.

Thanks to the wireless adapter, the device is able to act as WiFi receiver that allows you to make use of VoIP anywhere within the range of WiFi. In other words, your Telo does not have to be wire-connected to a router in order to take advantage of Internet-based phone call.

Another interesting point is that Ooma Telo’s can act as a wireless bridge too, so you can use it as a bridge to connect other devices to the main router in your home, for example you can connect a laptop to Telo (plug into the HOME NETWORK port) and go online.

Voice compression also kicks-in when Ooma Telo is doing its job. Compression helps to reduce the use of bandwidth by 60% compared to standard VoIP. Your usual online activities are not likely affected to a great extent.

Ooma also uses HD Voice Technology to improve call quality by capturing more speech information than standard landline. Conversation or calls that occur over Telo are encrypted. The company claims that it uses an encryption technology with equal sophistication to government’s technology.

Bluetooth Feature

Bluetooth feature is mainly used for pairing your mobile phones to home phones. You can connect up to 7 mobile phones or headsets to a single Telo unit. When a mobile phone is paired with Telo, incoming calls will ring all connected devices.

You can answer the call on your mobile phone from any home phone connected to a Telo. Such call is not being redirected to home number, but only transferred to home phone via Bluetooth.

Maximum range of transmission with the adapter is 30 feet. Pairing your phone with Telo only works with Ooma Bluetooth adapter; other Bluetooth adapters will not be recognized by the unit.

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Note: This writer neither own this product nor have the personal experience in handling it. However this article is produced based on manufacturer published facts and other relevant sources (if applicable).
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