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Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac Wireless

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Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac Wireless Features

Dragon Dictate 4 Mac Software
ModelDragon Dictate 4 Mac Wireless
Dragon Dictate for Mac 4.0 Wireless
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Typing on a full-sized keyboard gets the job done quickly, but dictating all the words to a computer is ideally a faster method. Speech recognition is an example of a promising technology but it has been around for a while without the popularity it deserves.

In the past few years, we saw some of its implementations in Apple’s Siri, some GPS devices with voice commands, and Android Wear devices. Many gadgets are now equipped with speech recognition, but before they even came to existence, Dragon Naturally Speaking software had already been there and it is still around now.

The software is now in the fourth generation for Mac operating system, popularly known under the name Dragon Dictate 4. It is developed by Nuance, a company that also powers Apple’s Siri and many other speech recognition features in other devices.

Compared to its previous version, the new Dragon Dictate brings quite an improvement in many aspects including compatibility with audio formats, voice commands for punctuation and letter capitalization, and integration with Gmail as well as Apple Pages 4.3.

Its speech recognition function works by transcribing spoken-words either from microphone or recorded files. It is possible to use a Nuance headset microphone, which is included in the package, or any of the company-approved devices.

The wireless version of the package includes a Bluetooth microphone. In case you want to use the built-in microphone on your Mac, Android, or iOS devices, you must install and run Dragon Remote Microphone App.

When trying to transcribe from recorded audio source, Dragon Dictate recognizes multiple file formats including mp3, wav, m4a, mp4, m4v, aif, and aiff.

Any audio file recorded on a smartphone or digital audio recorder can be transcribed as long as they are saved in any of the mentioned file formats. It can be a podcast, a lecture, a speech, or anything else.


Another good feature from Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac Wireless is the possibility to create multiple transcription/dictation profiles. Each profile stores specific speech data that contains information about voice and writing or speech style.

A profile must also contain information about audio source or the device that recorded the sound; it can be a smartphone or digital audio recorder.

This helps to prevent you from having to make too many corrections anytime you transcribe a different speech from a different speaker. The recorded audio file must be at least 90 seconds long. For dictation, the audio source is the microphone that you use.

Punctuation and capitalization

Dragon Dictate 4 allows you to dictate a text along with punctuation as well. The software has a command list that you can use to speak out certain commands for this function.

It covers all the most commonly used punctuation and word-processing actions such as comma, bracket, hyphenation, question mark, exclamation mark, new paragraph, underline, italic, bold, capitalization, and more. You can easily turn the software on and off in case you also need to use keyboard.

Integration with word-processing software

Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac works best when used with compatible word-processing software for examples Apple Pages, Gmail (in Firefox and Safari), and many Mac OS applications such as iChat/Messages, Reminder, Notes, Safari Browser, and even web-based apps including Twitter and Facebook.

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