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Jabra Solemate vs Solemate Max

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Jabra Solemate and Solemate Max  are portable wireless bluetooth-enabled speakers with slight but considerable differences in terms of features. Each of them will be briefly described as follows.

Comparison Chart of Jabra Solemate and Solemate Max 

Jabra Wireless Portable Speakers
ModelsJabra Solemate
Jabra Solemate
Jabra Solemate Max
Jabra Solemate Max
Tech Specs
Wireless Technology
Supports Bluetooth for wireless connectivity
Bluetooth version

You can control your music from this device when it's streaming from another device, such as your mobile phone
NFC Near Field Communications - Perimeter Pairing
Music Streaming
Frequency Response
Speakers with a hifi frequency sound produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction, e.g. Music
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes
Microphone Type
Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
Omni Directional/noise filterOmni Directional/noise filter
Mute function
Mute gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device
Battery & Power
Talk Time

Up to 10 hoursUp to 14 hours
Standby Time

Up to 960 hour(s)Up to 400 hour(s)
Music streaming time

8 hours14 hour

6.77 inches11.9 inches

2.52 inches4.02 inches

2.75 inches5.44 inches

Official Specifications and Features

Visit this page on Jabra Solemate and this page on Jabra Solemate Max for official product specifications and features from

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Jabra Solemate

It is easily noticeable that the design of Jabra Solemate is portable enough as a speaker with the overall dimension measures at only 2.8-inch H x 6.8-inch W x 2.5-inch D; it weighs 1.3 pounds.

The bottom and top sides are covered with impact-resistant rubber, which is a nice touch especially for a speaker designed to be portable. Interestingly, this speaker stands on a rubber material shaped similar to the sole of shoes, preventing it from sliding or moving around when it plays music.

The sole-like shape also helps to hide the included 13-inch long 3.5mm audio cable. There is also fabric loop that provides an easy way to carry the speaker around. A USB port and 3.5mm audio jack are provided allowing you connect the speaker with a sound source without using the Bluetooth feature.

Volume and answering/hanging phone call buttons are located on the top. In addition, there are lights indicating that the speaker is charged and connected.

Jabra Solemate is as simple as it can be, meaning it does act as an external speaker for your phone or other compatible devices without too many cumbersome controls. The speaker has volume buttons on the top side, allowing you adjust the music volume without touching your phone.

Since it has a built-in microphone, the Solemate also functions as an external speaker for making phone calls, and you can answer or end any incoming call directly from the speaker as well. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of music streaming or 10 hours of talk time.

Jabra Solemate Max

The standard Solemate actually only has few differences compared to its bigger counterpart, the Solemate Max. Both are ruggedized portable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity features, and the bottom part of Solemate Max is also built with rubber material.

In terms of functions and connectivity, the difference feature is that the Solemate Max allows you to control music playback directly from it. Besides the volume buttons, the Max variant also gives you a set of playback controls.

Solemate Max measures at 5.5-inch H x 11.9-inch W x 4-inch D; it weighs 6.6 pounds. It has two tweeters and two woofers, while the standard Solemate only has one subwoofer and two acoustic tweeters.

Each of them, however, has a proprietary bass radiator. Another important difference is that the Solemate Max variant provides longer battery life up to 14 hours of music streaming or 14 hours of talk time.

Third Party Reviews

As, I do not personally have an experience using both speakers thus I included here product reviews from trusted sources. These reviews may help you further in understanding about the products pros and cons.

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Jabra Solemate Max

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