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iDevices IGR0009 iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer

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Using Bluetooth Smart to connect with your phone, iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer with its temperature probes can continuously check the temperature of your food as it cooks and feed the information to your iPhone or Android.

iDevices IGR0009 iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer Specifications and Features

 iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer
 iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer
Model iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer
iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer
View the model availability and current price from AmazoniDevices IGR0009 iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer
Product Specifications
Length3.75 in (95.2 mm)
Width3.25 in (82.5 mm)
Height2.5 in (63.5 mm)
Weight of device6.1 oz (172 grams)
Weight of probe and wrap1.2 oz (35 grams)
48” Probe cordYes
2 AA Batteries (Included)Yes
ConnectionsBluetooth Smart (4.0)

150' Bluetooth Range (45 meters)

Compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 3 and newer, iPhone 4s and newer, iPod touch 5th gen and newer

Connect multiple iGrills to one smart device

Requires iOS 7 or newer

Compatible with many Android phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 4.3 or later.
App FeaturesPreset and Custom Temp. Alarms

Min/Max Temp. Alarms

Simultaneously Monitor up to 4 Probes

Customizable Probe Views


Partner Recipes

Graphing and Exporting

Social Sharing
Product Features
Key Features200 Hours of Cooking

Magnetic Mounting

Professional Grade Probes

150' Bluetooth Smart Range

Illuminated Display

Monitor up to 4 Probes
Official Specs and Features
Learn more from the manufacturer site.Read more about iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer at Callaway
Amazon Customer Reviews
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Where To Buy
View the model availability and current price from AmazoniDevices IGR0009 iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer


Having a barbecue party in your backyard should be fun, but you are probably bound to the task of making sure that the meats are perfect for everyone.

You will probably appreciate the convenience of checking how the meat is heating up from the comfort of touch-and-tap on your smartphone, thanks to iGrill2 by iDevices.

Its Bluetooth connectivity can reach up to 150 feet away. The iGrill2 measures at 3.75-inch L x 3.25-inch W x 2.5-inch H, and it weighs 6.1 oz. It is packaged with two probes; each of them weighs 1.2 oz.

Two AA batteries are included in the box along with magnetic mount and quick start guide. iGrill2 features an LCD display and enough ports to connect up to four temperature probes.

The magnetic mounting can attach to any cool portion of smoker or grill. Even when there is no magnetic surface on the cooking appliance, you can still use the adhesive side by removing its film cover.

The LCD is illuminated so you can easily notice the current temperature at a glance. Because it has its own screen, iGrill2 will work even without being connected to a smartphone or tablet.

iDevices Connected App

The iDevices Connected App is available for free from Google Play and App Store. It is optimized for iOS devices including iPhone (4S or later), iPad (3rd generation and later), iPad Mini (all generations), and iPod Touch (5th generation or later).

It also works with many Android phones and tablets running version 4.3 and newer or those with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity feature. In most cases, iGrill2 works better with the app because there will be more functions provided such as preset temperature, alarm, and even social media sharing option.


The included probes have measurement range from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can monitor the temperature real-time from the app.

One of the best things is that all four probes work independently, which means each probe accurately reads current temperature from specific spot of the meat.

You can insert all four probes in four different meats or in various places of a single slice of meat. For example, if you are grilling chicken, you can insert one probe to the breast part and another to leg part.

Since each probe measures its own temperature level, you can also set individual alarm to every one of them. It is good idea in case your children want their steaks served differently whether it is medium rare or well done.

Moreover, it does not require you to fiddle with settings or connectivity configuration. Once turned on, you can imply open the companion app on your phone and begin pairing.

The app also provides options to see how the temperature gets higher from a graph display. Temperature reading from all four probes can be displayed on one screen at a time or individually with a simple tap.

You can edit the preset temperature setting and even share what you are cooking with other iDevices Connected App users.

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