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Aukey T20 Qi-enabled Wireless Charger

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Aukey T20

The idea of being able to do almost everything wirelessly is not merely about the use infra red and Bluetooth technology, but also recharging your smartphones.

The Aukey T20 Qi-enabled charging pad station brings the possibility to recharge the battery in your smartphone by electromagnetic induction, so wired connection between the charger and the phone is no longer necessary.


Aukey T20 How To ChargeAukey T20 only needs to touch the back cover/case of your phone to transfer electric power to the battery. In other words, the charger is power transmitter, but it only works with certain phones that have power receiver or receiving coil.


Compatible Models

Currently, there are only few Qi-compliant mobile devices in the market, including but not limited to Google Nexus (4, 5, and 7 2nd Generation), Nokia Lumia (1020, 1520, 929), HTC (Droid DNA, Butterfly, Incredible 4G LTE, 8X, 8XT), and LG G2.

Some smartphones can work with Qi wireless charger, but they may require wireless charging case / cover adapter which has to be purchased separately. Some of that smartphones are Samsung Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Note 2 / Nokia Lumia 820 / iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / 4 / 4S / 3G.


Aukey T20 Thickness

The device, in some ways, looks like an electric or USB cup warmer. It has round shape with the dimension of 69mm diameter and 10.5mm thickness; it weighs 40g. Both top and bottom of the charger are made of silicone material, preventing it from moving around when it is put on a table.

Since the mobile phone needs to be mounted on the charger to make the electromagnetic induction happen, the silicone material helps to stick both devices quite strongly as well. There is also an indicator light on the outer ring; red indicates stand-by state, while blinking green indicates charging is in progress.

You will also find a micro USB port on the Aukey T20. The package includes 2 USB cables with different length (1.5m and 0.3m long).

How It Works

As previously mentioned, physical contact between transmitter and receiver coils allows for electromagnetic induction to transfer power. Aukey T20 works best when the phone uses its actual back cover with built-in receiver or with additional coil receiver.

If your phone uses additional accessory such as a protective cover, you may need to remove it for better recharging performance.

One of the biggest concerns is probably the power output, but the T20 can regulate the amount of power being transferred with an intelligent system that prevents over-voltage, overload, or overheat. The charger can transfer constant current for safer operation.

It can indeed recharge your compatible phones wirelessly, but the charger itself has to be plugged to an adapter or USB port on your computer to receive power, and then it acts like a bridge that transfers the electric power to the mobile device mounted on top of it. Aukey T20 Qi-enabled wireless charger is not a power bank.

Aukey T20 AccessoriesThe good thing is that it uses the usual micro USB interface instead of any proprietary type. The package even includes two cables. Such cable is widely available in the market that you will not find it difficult to get one in case replacement is necessary.

Once the cable is connected properly, the LED light will turn on, and it is ready to recharge your Qi-enabled device. Once the phone is fully recharged, Aukey T20 will immediately shifts from recharging mode to standby mode to save energy consumption. Customer Reviews

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