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August Smart Lock Specifications & Features

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Activate automatic locking and unlocking your deadbolt thumbturn with August Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock Specifications & Features

August Smart Lock
August Smart Lock
August Smart Lock
August Smart Lock
View the model availability and current price from Amazon.comAugust Smart Lock
Dimensions3 1/4 inches in diameter

less than 2 1/4 inches tall
SafetyKeyless, Total control (control when people have access to your home), Log records and always on (uses 4 AA batteries)
Simple To UseAuto-Unlock, EverLock™ and Easy Install
Reach OutInstant Invites, Invite List, Guestbook and Complete Control
DesignDurable anodized aluminum. Select from different colors option.
BluetoothYes. Syncs your phone directly with your August lock
No WiringNo need to wire or connect August
UniversalTo accommodate standard deadbolts. Compatible with the Single-Cylinder deadbolts most commonly found in North America. Please click here for a complete list of compatible deadbolts.
Secure Remote AccessYou need this August Connect hardware to control your August Smart Lock from anywhere with Internet connection and using the August app.
Official Specs and Features
Learn more from the manufacturer site.Read more about August Smart Lock at
Amazon Customer Reviews
Read all the reviews inclusive of the most helpful favorable review and the most helpful critical reviewClick here to read the reviews on August Smart Lock
Where To Buy
View the model availability and current priceClick on this link August Smart Lock


The variety of available devices to complete the range of smart home appliances is quite rapidly increasing. Now it is even possible to attach additional device to your deadbolt thumbturn to activate automatic locking and unlocking with August Smart Lock.


As a stand-alone device, it is a Bluetooth-enabled appliance which you can control from your compatible phone. The manufacturer actually provides an additional accessory to connect the smart lock to your existing network, meaning you can also check, lock, or unlock the door even when Bluetooth is way out of range.


In terms of design, August Smart Lock is a cylinder made from anodized aluminum beautified with some LED lights. The diameter is about 3.25-inch and the thickness is less than 2.25-inch.

August makes it even easier to install, requiring you to only replace the inside half of the existing deadbolt. It does not require modification of any sort to your door.

Once installed, it instantly creates a motorized Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt from an otherwise regular one. The basic idea is that you can control the deadbolt without even touching it, but you can use the smartphone app to lock and unlock.

Everlock and Auto-Unlock Features

There are two main features introduced including Everlock and Auto-Unlock (both of them are still currently in beta). Everlock feature allows the device to recognize when the door is closed behind you and therefore it automatically locks it.

On the other hand, Auto-Unlock can sense when you are approaching and will automatically unlock the deadbolt.

August Connect

August Connect
August Connect

The optional August Connect improves the functionality. It is an additional accessory that plugs directly into a power outlet and gives the smart lock access to your existing home network via WiFi.

Accompanied by the smartphone app, it is possible to lock, unlock, or simply check whether or not the door is properly locked from far away.

The best thing is the ability to send temporary, permanent, or schedule-based unlock key to other people directly from the app; the e-keys or invitations can be revoked anytime. Accessing menu or changing settings is also easy thanks to the well-designed app interface.

August Smart Lock only requires low amount of power and it uses Bluetooth Low Energy. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries, but it will continue to function by Bluetooth connection even when the batteries run out of power.

Another good thing from August Smart Lock is that it does not prevent you from using the conventional key, so it should not be a problem when your phone’s battery are also empty when you arrive.

Both the August Smart Lock and August Connect require no wire connection to install and operate. Even when the WiFi connection is down due to network failure, it will only affect the August Connect, but the Smart Lock device will still work properly.

There are also sensors to send reminders to your phone concerning low battery power.


This smart lock works with any standard single-cylinder deadbolt commonly used in North America. The official website also provides list compatible deadbolts.

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