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AcuRite 01036 Pro Color Weather Station with PC Connect

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Acurite 01036 Pro Color Weather Station Specifications and Features

Acurite Weather Station
AcuRite 01036 Pro
ModelsAcuRite 01036 Pro
AcuRite 01036 Pro
View the model availability and current price from AmazonAcuRite 01036 Pro Color Weather Station
Specifications & Features
FeaturesIlluminated color display

12 to 24 hour weather forecast

Patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting pulls data from a sensor in your backyard to give you the most accurate forecast for your exact location

Weather Ticker™ streams real-time information and alerts

Programmable weather alarms: temperature, humidity, wind, rain, dew point, heat index and storm alerts

Measures rain precipitation and rainfall history (inches or millimeters)

Wind speed: current, peak, and average (MPH or KPH)

Wind direction with 16 point wind rose

Indoor and outdoor temperature (degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) with trend arrow

Indoor and outdoor humidity (%RH) with trend arrow

Heat index, wind chill, dew point and "feels like" calculations

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual high and low records

Barometric pressure with trend arrow

Time and date (month/day)

Bilingual English or French display

Tabletop or wall-mountable design

Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength
PC Connect Specifications
PC Connect System RequirementsWindows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP2 or higher; Intel Dual-Core 1.6 GHz or higher, 1 GB RAM, Available USB port
Color Display for 5-in-1 Sensor Specifications
Indoor Temperature Range32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit; Learn more
Indoor Humidity Range16% to 98% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy+/- 4% from 16% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 98% Relative Humidity
Wind Direction Indicators16 points
Rainfall Capacity0 to 99.99 inches; 0 to 9999 millimeters
Rain Gauge Accuracy+/- 0.05" per inch of rainfall
Power4.5V power adapter (included; recommended for optimal display color), 6 AA alkaline (optional; not included)
Dimensions8.2-inches Height x 7.4-inches Width x 1.2-inches Depth
5-in-1 Weather Sensor Specifications
Temperature Range-40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit; Learn more
Humidity Range1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy+/- 5% from 0% to 10% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Wind Speed0 to 99 mph; 0 to 159 kph
Wind Speed Accuracy+/-2 mph below 10 mph
+/- 3 mph from 10 to 30 mph
+/- 4 mph from 30 to 50 mph
+/- 5 mph from 50 to 99 mph
Wind Direction Indicators16 points
Rainfall Capacity0 to 99.99 inches; 0 to 99.99 millimeters
Rain Gauge Accuracy+/- 0.05" per inch of rainfall
Wireless Range330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials
Wireless Signal433 MHz
Power4 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries
*Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 degrees Celsius
Data ReportingWind Speed: 18 second updates
Wind Direction, Temperature and Humidity: 36 second updates
Dimensions10.8-inches Height x 5.6-inches Width x 13.8-inches Depth
Replacement PartsAdd-on or Replacement Display: 1036RX

Replacement Power Adapter: 5N1ADPTR

5-in-1 PRO Weather Sensor: 06014RM

5-in-1 Weather Sensor: VN1TXC

PRO Thermometer Upgrade for the 5-in-1 Sensor: 5N1DSSA

Replacement 5-in-1 Sensor Wind Cups: 5N1WC / 06031RM

Replacement 5-in-1 Sensor Wind Cups Assembly (with Bearings): 5N1WCBSA

Replacement 5-in-1 Sensor Wind Vane: 5N1VANE

Replacement 5-in-1 Sensor Mounting Bracket: 5N1MB
Sensor Installation5-in-1 sensor installation (
Official Specs and Features
Learn more from the manufacturer site.Read more about AcuRite 01036 Pro at
Amazon Customer Reviews
Read all the reviews inclusive of the most helpful favorable review and the most helpful critical review (if available)Click here to read the reviews on AcuRite 01036 Pro
Note: Amazon tend to group a few models into one section of customer reviews (i.e models that belong to same series). So when you read a review, do look at which model the review refers to.
Where To Buy
View the model availability and current price from AmazonClick on this link AcuRite 01036 Pro Color Weather Station


Weather station is not only intended for professional use. It turned out that such device offers plenty of benefits even when used or installed in residential area.

Updates of weather information can be helpful for lawn and garden care so you can determine the amount how much water required to keep all the pants healthy.

In case you are planning on home remodeling or improvement, better information about weather is certainly helpful as well, especially for outdoor projects.

Acurite 01036 Pro with PC Connect

Acurite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Station measures five variables including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and rain.

One of the best features equipped in the Acurite 01036 is the Self-Calibrating Technology which basically learns the tendencies of weather condition based on various parameters to make accurate weather report in its exact position.

Therefore, the weather reading displayed on the receiver does not entirely rely on weather condition of certain area. Self-Calibrating Technology implements a Learning Mode that runs for 14 days since installation to make sure the weather prediction is precise.

Rainfall Collector Funnel

A rainfall collector funnel is already attached to the sensor. It is a self-emptying rain collection cup, eliminating the hassles of frequent checks. In fact, the outdoor sensor is designed to withstand all weather-conditions as well.

Color LCD display

Receiver unit with a color LCD display measures at 8.2-inch H x 7.4-inch W x 1.2-inch D. Data transmission range between receiver and sensor units can reach up to 100 meters depending on home construction.

To maximize transmission range, it is best to eliminate possible obstructions such as thick walls and metallic objects.

PC Connect and Smartphone App

Acurite 01036 offers PC Connect feature with which you can use the included USB cable to connect the receiver unit to a Windows PC.

Weather data from the receiver will be available in website. Furthermore, the company provides AcuLink app available at App Store and Play Store so you can use your compatible smartphones to see weather report and setup alert too.

Weather Underground

All the weather data can be shared with others or uploaded to online communities such as Weather Underground.

Disclaimer: Information provided is believed correct and true to the best of our ability based on the manufacturer published information. However, Wirelesspoi is not responsible for typographical errors or incorrect data. Please visit the official manufacturer product page for more details on the specifications and features.

Note: This writer neither  own this product nor have the personal experience in handling it. However this article is produced based on the writer own research using manufacturer published facts and other relevant sources (if applicable).

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